Group Conversations

Bring back your own notable rites of passage and initiations and mark them in a really meaningful way that is significant to you and yours (not just to Hallmark !)

Imagine a gathering where the ‘elders’ in your son or daughter's life meet to celebrate their transition into the wider world ( first job, moving away, getting married), and to offer their congratulations, advice and stories to take forward. 

Bring in a Conversation Spa facilitator to enable and capture the conversation and make it a legacy to be handed on. Make the traditions that belong to you and yours.  

Think how this keepsake could be used as a memorial to someone dear, or how an annual gathering could become a family (or friendship) tradition.   Choose the theme of the year and Book a Facilitator to moderate and to help make it fun and powerful in each of your lives.  


There are many ways the Group Event can be used to bring people together socially to share in conversational experience that enrich lives. 

  • The Group works best when there are 4-6 people
  • 1-2 Appointments necessary to set up and prepare