A Story of Love

We all know love and feel it in different ways.  It is the universal theme of many of our most telling stories and the source of much change and transformation in our lives.  

The ‘Story of love’ conversations are all about exploring and capturing the moments, the people and the passions that have in their own unique ways touched our heart and added to our life.  

Perhaps you want to find the words that say what you feel, or you're coming to The Conversation Spa to see your love from a new and different place.  Maybe you want to thank someone you love, or say hello, or goodbye in a special way.  Think of a:

  • Love letter to yourself, your partner or parents.
  • Thank you card to someone who has made a difference in your life.
  • Story of what love has taught you, and ways it has changed for you across the years

What a wonderful gift: 

Why not arrange a visit to The Conversation Spa as a gift for newlyweds or engaged couples to record the story of how their love came to be? Or treat your partner and yourself to celebrate that special anniversary?   

Make your 'Story of Love' into an ongoing collection that celebrates the ways love grows across the years.