Incidental exchanges... exponential delight

Here's a brief account of a wonderful exchange with Dora this morning - prompted by a book we had both separately spotted in different places over the weekend  called ‘The Path’.  I just happened to pull it out of my handbag as she mentioned it,  already dog-eared and half devoured. We looked at each other mouths and eyes wide open at the synchronicity or coincidence, or whatever it is that turns up to surprise you, make you laugh and feels like magic. 

Often the best conversations start in the middle, an excited flight into whatever gets stirred to make sharing so vital.    

Calming a little we talked about what it was that had caught our attention.  For me it was the words ‘A new way to think about everything', these seemed to describe the source of many of my own adventures.  For Dora the simplicity of the title was what had done it.  'The path' with it's suggestion of direction, a route through the increasingly complicated landscape of our lives, even a hint or two, a few clues perhaps for ways to live well, fruitfully and to lead a good and happy life.  

We both liked that the book seemed to sit safely in the interesting realm of exploration, possibility and even discovery.  We liked that the title made no promise of answers or, god forbid solutions even more - we'd been there, done that and back with the glib, quick-fix options.  

Bloody hell wouldn’t want to market to us

We whooped with laughter, and mocked our fickleness as I put the kettle on.  It's a truth universally acknowledged (well nearly) that whilst whilst we remain restless in seeking the questions, we have become ruthless with anyone or anything that claims to have found the answers.   

If we were writing a book or giving a talk, what would it include ?  What would we want to hear about?

 This is what Dora said next.  It felt like the sun had come out: 

Lighthearted - please let it have humour
Compassionate - and a heart
About who we are, not who we want to be - Imperfections bring them on ! 
Celebrating wherever we are in our lives - and sharing (really sharing) all that with each other 


Sounds very much like the best kind of talk to me, the kind that brings us together and brings us alive.  

Phew first heartfelt blog from The Conversation Spa.  Done !