Shape Your Own Story

Do you ever stop to become aware of the way  you are looking at your life?  Or how  you are thinking and speaking of yourself ? This awareness is the source of what you've created.  And also the source of your power to transform it.    

This is the real business of 'interior' design - it changes you from the inside-out. 

In the Conversation Spa you will become more conscious of the stories you are telling yourself, and other people.  You will notice some from the past which still affect your life in the present, and prevent you from being successful, abundant, happy or whatever other desire has eluded you. 

By selecting one or two stories as the focus of the conversation, you begin to see the routes that have been carved out across your life by your inner as well as your outer dialogue.  By conversations that tap into the power of your imagination and emotion, you will see possibilities for the future that go beyond the story you have been telling, and that can open up new or different ways to shape your story moving forward.