Keepsake Conversations

+ Time Capsule

‘One day’ we’ll get around to that scrapbook, journal or whatever and make sure our memorable experiences are never lost. With a Time Capsule conversation that ‘one day’ is here; relax, enjoy the experience and at the same time create a heartfelt treasury of recorded stories that can be enjoyed forever.

+ The Childs Voice

“She’s grown up now but every time I hear her little voice .. it sends me straight back there” (Mother) Capture the precious sound of your child’s voice, and the fleeting world it contains now and at all the different ages and stages they so quickly grow through. A precious legacy so easily lost.

+ A story of love

Love - a universal source of transformation that turns up in many different guises and plants itself at the heart of our most telling stories. Capture and explore your own unique love stories – the ones that move, touch and fascinate you and make you want to return there again.

+ Group Conversations

Expand any Time Capsule conversation by bringing family, friends or other communities together to celebrate, share stories, exchange wisdom and mark life’s transitions in meaningful ways. Hire one of our skilled facilitators to help make it fun, powerful and important


Illumination Conversations

+ Conversation safari

An open-ended conversational adventure to explore the incidents, coincidences, and the overlooked or forgotten moments across the landscape of your life that are lying in wait to surprise you with their magic and curiosity.

+ change your story

It’s time to stand back and notice how and where you are telling your story from. We will select one or two stories that you wish to focus on, and re-write them together in a way that will bring ease, balance and perhaps even joy.

+ happiness and how to grow it

We all have our own take on happiness and what gets in the way of achieving it. When you stop to think about it ... STOP there. Do you ever put time aside to think about, feel, notice and appreciate the unique ingredients of your own kind of happy ? Do you have practices for happiness? Do you really want to explore and grow your own particular variety ?


Transformation Conversations

+ the 'inside-out' map

This map is not a one size fits all, but IS as fascinating and ever changing as you are. Use the map to understand your own travel patterns and how the terrains of your experience have influenced who you are today.

+ map your travels

Explore your own map, plot your travels, feel the fascination and truth of why you did what you did. Begin to see your life story in a much bigger context, and your travels as the source of something truly amazing and deeply meaningful.

+ steer your future

By now you will have tapped into the richness of your own travels, recognised places and experiences you want more of. Or less. It’s time to take conscious steps to unfold a future that is distinct from your past. One of your own choosing

group map events

How cool to have a map that shows you not only the journey of your life but unseen routes, invisible tides, overlooked triumphs and magnificent detours.

How amazing to share the infinite ways friends, family, colleagues have come to see and navigate their own maps, and stumble on surprising possibilities very close by.