Conversation Safari

The Conversation Safari is not about getting somewhere in particular; it’s an unfolding adventure to remind you where you have been, and to explore its influence on who you are today.

This conversation is like going somewhere different for a mini break, with none of the bother of packing, travelling or getting back into the groove when you return home.

It’s called a ‘Safari’ because there will be things you notice that will be new or else so familiar they have faded into your everyday.

There will be oohs and ahhs as you stumble on surprising and unexpected things - you're on an adventure don't forget, so knowing everything in advance really isn’t the point.  But as this is a guided expedition you’re in safe hands; our facilitators are alert to unexplored places where story treasures might be hiding, and well equipped to lead you safely home.  

After listening back to the recording of your conversation you will find new or unconsidered connections and insights.

Then you can return to The Conversation Spa to explore what you discovered, what makes it important and the implications for your life. 

Should you wish to go further with what you've learned in your ‘Conversation Safari’ , then move on to Shape Your Story