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Are you sitting comfortably...? 


Well let's talk about speaking.

It's what I love to do - in classrooms, corporate venues and private gatherings... when I'm not listening of course ;)


Speaking and open listening are at the heart of true conversation, and realising them as our gift and our power has lead me to create the Conversation Spa.

I am happy to come along to your event or gathering to share a few insights about magical, meaningful and extraordinary  conversations. 

Here are some of my favourite topics :

  • How The  Conversation Spa came about
    (.. and a magic map to 'now-here') 
  • Finding the wonder in small moments
  • Delicious words to feed your spirit and add zest to conversations 
  • How stories connect us and shape our lives
  • Change your story!

Booking Fees:  let's talk ! 
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