How it Works

Well... first of all let's have a conversation, A FREE CONSULTATION  to talk about how The Conversation Spa can work for you.  

You don't need a problem before you come to the Conversation Spa -there are new and fascinating conversational adventures to take and much to celebrate.

Perhaps you want to capture a memory or moment so it will never be forgotten, or record a conversation as a thoughtful gift to cherish. Maybe you're looking for the kind of conversation that stretches your mind and imagination - revitalises you.

Or perhaps you want a different kind of conversation, starting on a fresh page with someone who has no specific expectations or preconceptions about you.

Every Spa session is scheduled with a facilitator who is fully engaged in the conversation, listening and responding in ways that expand and pollinate the context of your words and experiences. You will be prompted to remember small but important details that capture the richness and emotion of each experience so that subtle nuances and surprising associations turn up naturally in the flow of conversation. 

All conversations will be recorded* for you to listen back to or share as you see fit. And of course these are all totally private and confidential. 

DISCLAIMER:  Recordings are the property and responsibility of The Conversation Spa client.  No audio files will be held by us once they have been transferred to the client and receipt has been acknowledged.