By plotting your experiences on the map, you will get perspective and gain valuable insight into the ups and downs, contradictions and inconsistencies wrought by your life choices. 

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things"        Henry Miller

You will see the bigger picture in which your searching, the repeated losing and finding yourself become a source of something wondrous, creative and meaningful in your life.

As you unfold your own personal map you will enter another level of personal reflection and self-discovery.  Standing apart from the ebb and flow of events, feelings and memories to appreciate the true abundance of who you are and what is already in your life.

But don't forget ....

You need a special pass to enter the Discovery level of conversations (at least 2 from the Keepsake and Illumination range), and an understanding of the Inside-Out Map.  


route through mountains copy 2.jpeg