The Conversation Spa is an experience - a pause, time to tune in, touch base and to feel who and where you are.  It's all about reconnecting with YOU - tapping into the source of your own life and feeling the glow.  

By taking a small step out of our everyday we become anchored; we notice the hugeness of the small moments and simple treasures in our lives, and connect with what’s of true value to us.

The Conversation Spa is also a safe and tranquil space away from the usual routines so you can notice and smell the roses; it's perfectly designed to encourage relaxation and the kind of conversations we don't always make time for in the busy-ness of our lives.

The Conversation Spa is not therapy, nor is it about getting 'fixed' - you are not broken just human.    

We all have times when we need to talk to someone who doesn't know us well, has no expectations of or assumptions about us; perhaps we want a fresh ear, a different perspective, or just time to hear ourselves tell our own story.  

The replenishing experience of being seen,heard and appreciated as you tell your story or that of someone you love.

A series of Spa conversations are an investment in yourself and will often reveal the wealth that already exists in your life.  It can lift your spirit, engender a sense of wonder in your everyday and, it's not too much of a stretch to say that it can be an incrementally transformative experience.

Every Spa session is scheduled with a facilitator who is always fully engaged, listening and responding in ways that open-up and pollinate your narrative, helping you to remember small yet important details that capture the unique colours, textures and emotions that make these memories rich.
All conversations are recorded so that you can share, connect with and feel the deeper value of the stories and experiences you have gathered along the way.