We wanted a place where we could remind ourselves how to live beautifully

Be kind.  Open doors. Let people in.  Hear our truths.  Trust each other.  See each other.  Tell the stories in our hearts to those we live and love with.  
Sometimes, we forget how to see, share and make a gift of our life; overwhelmed by all those 'shoulds', 'musts' and stories we hear, fear or tell ourselves, we lose sight of 'living beautifully'.  
Now and then we need to step back to see and feel the wonder in our own lives.  And in ourselves.    

 So we created the Conversation Spa for us all

Because conversation itself is massively important in how we create our life.    

It's a simple, beautiful and kind space to explore, laugh and play in.  To get back in touch with our magic.
Stopping to hear ourselves, to be seen and heard and to capture the gold in our lives and our stories can be like coming home to our true selves.    

We want to live beautifully because it's creative, contagious, generous. And free 

We all know that living beautifully isn't just about having stuff that looks good on the outside.  It has a lot to do with what goes on inside.  It's undefinable, like love ... yet we all know when it's there.   

Living our own 'beautiful' brings us to life

We all have our own unique ways of expressing our 'beautiful'. 
When we make time and space to really connect with ourselves and share our stories, we feel more inspired, more vital, more happy and whole.  And the love spreads.