Meet the Team

 Nosey Parker . Likes tea .    LOVES stories .

 Nosey Parker . Likes tea .    LOVES stories .


Hello, I'm a Storyteller.  There - I’m out!  I am now honour bound to…well tell you a story.

The story of The Conversation Spa has been quietly writing itself behind the scenes for the last couple of decades whilst I was busy trying to make things work in an entirely different way. 

The idea turned up unexpectedly and very sure of itself one day

     'hey I’ve been here right under your nose for a lifetime waiting for you to twig…get a move on'. 

Looking back (for that’s our magic), I see that stories have always fascinated me; Literature Teacher, Child Development specialist and Advertising Researcher now look like pretty big clues.    

It was kids who first taught me how vital our stories are in shaping our lives.  Curiously it was also kids who set me on an adventure to discover adulthood.  And although not entirely unrelated, that's definitely a story for another time.  

So here we are happily back at The Conversation Spa - an appointment with yourself; a beautifully simple and elegant way to connect with your authentic story, celebrate, share and create life.



Here's a little bit about me:

I've enjoyed a lifetime of study combined with working as a healthcare practitioner and educator. This mix of health and higher education in corporate and family settings has given me a unique perspective on what we're all about. In a nutshell - I'm fascinated with what makes us beings human; what makes us tick and how we can grow in a heartbeat.

I've learned through the Conversation Spa adventure how to  be all of myself - to tell the truth, connect and allow life to work it's mystery. Truly, it's been a life changer.

I'd  really like to help you do the same... if that works for you too. 



I'm delighted to be part of a team that really talks, listens, explores and laughs.... whole heartedly; it's the experience of connecting through enriching, surprising and non-judgemental conversations that is so amazing.  It's a far cry from 'online ' connection, it's real and refreshing.

For most of my working life I’ve been involved in the area of helping people to ‘grow’ themselves, to reflect on and craft their ‘stories’ – it’s work that I love and believe in, and I am inspired by the magic of the kind of conversations in which we are totally present and find ourselves on unexpected adventures discovering about ourselves and each other.

Of course the opportunity to share and shape our stories and our lives is one we all deserve (and need). And now the Conversation Spa makes it possible - how wonderful to stumble on parts of your story that you didn't even know you were telling or living or missing. How powerful to explore the things that are important to you with people who can listen not only to you but also for you. It's an experience that feels like 'coming home'.