"Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution."           Deepak Chopra

By this point in the course of your appointments you will have tapped into the richness of your life, uncovering many hidden treasures.  You will see familiar places in new ways, plot new routes and work out where you want to find yourself more often.    

With the help of your map to show the routes you have travelled, you will have greater clarity and feel better equipped to understand the experiences and decisions that have brought you to where you are.  

Now you can use your map to guide future choices and journey, wide awake and onwards into the expanding vista of your life. 



Feel safe and confident wherever you are on your map as you navigate across the fertile landscape of your life.

Give yourself time to dream, to imagine and to play; challenge self-imposed boundaries and bring new colour, texture and emotion to your travels. 

Dont forget ....

You need a special pass to enter the Discovery level of conversations (at least 2 from the Keepsake and Illumination range), and an understanding of the Inside-Out Map.