To be honest it was just good to sit and take time out and really hear what I was thinking… be in lovely surroundings and get away from things
— Terry
In addition to the practical help of clarifying next practical steps for my business, I can use the things I learnt about my existing relationships (not just romantic) in the future. I feel better equipped now!
I went along expecting it to be like a counselling session but no way ! I wasn’t treated as if my ‘issues’ were an illness even though they got properly heard. Our conversations just evolved naturally until we somehow focussed on exploring practical everyday ways I can make my own life healthier and happier. It’s simple, enjoyable even, yet its effects are also profound.
— Leanne
Because I’m a single dad and my little girl doesn’t live with me, I don’t get chance to really talk about her that much. The Conversation Spa is a great way to share all the lovely things and also preserve them - the recordings or maybe make a book too for when she’s much older, so she’ll know what she’s always meant to me
— Max

…the idea of being able to give your child this gift of looking back at their life once they’re an adult … history will have unfolded and it will be interesting to look back .. like a snapshot of say how Brexit turned out...compared to how they feel now.
— Keri

Such a lovely and simple idea and you could adapt it to whatever people wanted from it
— Juliet
There’s so much in hearing that person’s voice… especially if they’re older (maybe even gone) now.
— Carrie

I feel enlightened about myself”

“empowered to experiment”

“Now I can go out there and be more approachable and think of myself as more loveable instead of this cold façade
— Cheryl
The conversation Spa map that Lucia has developed puts everything into a clear perspective. You really can see where you fit into the various stages of ‘adult development’. It is a work of genius!
— Leannne