“Because I’m a single dad and my little girl doesn't live with me, I don't get chance to talk about her that much.  The Conversation Spa is a great way to share all the lovely things and also keep them, the recordings or maybe make a book too for when she’s much older, so she’ll always know what she means to me”



It was very relaxing... almost therapeutic.  I felt quite emotional at times.. I really enjoyed the whole experience - it will stay with me. 



“It's a chance to have the kind of conversations that's nourishing, you know restorative... a conversation spa makes total sense to me”

“…the idea of being able to give your child this gift of looking back at their life once they’re an adult … and as a parent who is going through say, at the moment, all these questions about Europe and what this could mean for your child’s future… history will have unfolded over the next 18 years and it will be interesting to look back .. like a snapshot … living history that tells you how people lived it and felt.”


“ Such a lovely and simple idea and you could adapt it to whatever people wanted from it”

"There’s so much in hearing a person’s voice as well … especially if they’re older (maybe even gone) now”


“I feel enlightened about myself”

“empowered to experiment”

“Now I can go out there and be more approachable and think of myself as more loveable instead of this cold façade”


That map !  I can now 'see' my travels across the continents and countries of my own life – it’s helped me understand those choices better and to feel good about myself.  It’s a kind of fascinating and magic process to look into it and see things I took for granted or didn't even consider in a whole new light.


Through the conversation spa I met myself. I revealed myself in the safety of caring ears and an open mind. I understand more about myself.  I know it worked because I felt it.