You need a special pass to enter the Discovery level of conversations (at least 2 from across Keepsake or Illumination ranges), and an understanding of the Inside-Out Map.

See your life from a different place with the 'Inside-Out' map. 

Discovery Conversations focus on becoming aware of the shifting context of your life, making use of 'The Inside-Out' Map to give you new perspectives on your journey so far.

This map is a deceptively simple framework to open up conversations, ideas and possibilities that can be difficult to get to.  It will reflect the many ways in which you have been seeking your own answers to life's big questions:

  • Who am I?
  • How did I get here?
  • What do I want my life to be about?
  • Where do I start?

How cool to have a map that shows you not only the journey of your life but
unseen routes, invisible tides and overlooked triumphs.  

And how awesome to realise that your journey whilst unique and personal is also a quest that is shared and universal. 

Get the backstory on The Inside-Out Map


This map is as ever-changing and intricate as you. Learn how to track your relationships, your achievements, turning points, behaviours and 'travel' patterns.  More

Explore your own map, feel the fascination and truth of why you did what you did.  Get a panoramic view of your life, and see your story
in a wider context and with new perspective.

Having seen the richness of your life so far, you have found places that you want to revisit, or leave behind.  It's time to plot new routes into the future.  In the direction of your own choosing.  More

How amazing to share the infinite ways friends, family, colleagues have come to see and navigate their own maps, and hook up with them in unexpected places along the way.  More