Time Capsule

Each Time Capsule conversation captures the meaning and emotion behind your words.  Nothing can accomplish this in quite the same way as the sound of your own voice. 

As time passes even our most special memories fade - we lose the spirit, detail and context of our stories; the very things that convinced us we would remember our story forever - the manner of things said and done, a glance, a nod, a promise, just disappear.

In taking time out to explore our stories, we stumble on incidental details that expand the context to boost a sense of mystery and wonder in our lives. We also archive a unique point in time and give ourselves the gift of really seeing and understanding the abundance in our story. 



Time Capsule conversation can be created for many different moments, occasions or to mark rites of passage

Birthday, anniversary, wedding.

First day at school, 'The Big Adventure', ' Baby in the Family'.  

A personal and enduring tribute to someone no longer with us .... a series of conversations to express thanks, share memories, offer comfort and inspire life. 



Imagine capturing the kind of advice or guidance you want your child to have when they are old enough to understand.  What about making a treasured recording of the day your child was born; what you thought, how you felt and ways in which the world was transformed for you ?  These are the kind of ways Time Capsule conversations will make you feel rich forever.  



‘When We Were’ 

Time capsule Conversations can also tell the stories of ‘When We Were’.   By talking about our stories in terms of phases or events - ‘When we were.... young’, ‘.. in the war’, .. "growing up in the 70’s’,  can make it easier to filter and unearth their gold  

Everybody has stories that although not necessarily dramatic or sensational speak uniquely of how things came to be - incidents, coincidences, ideas born and choices made.  They remind us of who and what connects us, and bring meaning and a sense of where we came from and belong.  

What story could you record now for your children & grandchildren to rediscover in years to come? 

Imagine hearing the lilt of your grandmother's voice as a younger woman, catching the feeling in her story and almost seeing the smile on her face?