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Feeling beautiful from the inside-out


Where do you go for the kind of conversations that bring you to life?

That make you stop, feel and see things afresh ? 



A tranquil and relaxing space for unhurried conversation

With Tea !


Different from talking to friends in that it's about you intentionally stepping back to appreciate the expanse of your experiences; capture your moments, notice where you've been and look forward to what's to come. 


Conversing with a skilled and friendly facilitator who listens openly, is genuinely engaged and wants to understand what you have to say makes The Conversation Spa like an appointment with yourself -  an experience that can be revitalising, nourishing and revelatory. 





Capture and record your precious moments

The memories, incidents and coincidences that make you truly rich

Make them into a unique gift for someone you care about  with a Keepsake Conversation

Capture stories from family and friends at those one-off big events by creating a Time Capsule

Feel the replenishing effect of exploring the stories of your life



Live Beautifully

Come back home - have a conversation to connect with the beauty and wisdom in you









We have 3 services and these are ...

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Real conversations aren’t just talking about life…. they bring you to life


How it Works


  • In person

  • Skype

  • Facetime

  • Any other channel that works for you

If you can get here in person then great - we all know that face to face brings a certain something,  but not everyone who wants to come to The Conversation Spa lives down the road.  So between us we chose the best ways and times to 'connect' and to ensure that we are set up to really talk.   

So let's have a conversation - A FREE CONSULTATION  to find out how The Conversation Spa can work for you.



  • New and fascinating conversation adventures and much to celebrate.

You don't need a problem before you come to The Conversation Spa.  Perhaps you want to capture a story, a memory or moment so it can never be forgotten, record it as a thoughtful gift to cherish.

Maybe you're looking for the kind of conversation that stretches your mind and imagination - takes you places and revitalises you.

Or you want a different conversation, starting afresh with someone who has no expectations or preconceptions of you.


  • Feel the benefits of being truly seen and heard 

Every Spa session is scheduled with an experienced facilitator trained to listen for and to you; someone who wants to understand the full meaning of what you have to say,  and can help you to capture, clarify and remember the details that make your story rich.  We want the conversation to flow naturally and for you to feel good.


Conversations can be recorded* for you to listen back to or share. And of course these are totally private and confidential. 

* DISCLAIMER:  Recordings are the property and responsibility of The Conversation Spa client.  No audio files will be held by us once they have been transferred to the client and receipt has been acknowledged.   


Free Consultation

To make sure you are clear and comfortable about how it all works, we offer a free exploratory consultation usually by phone or Skype.  

During this conversation we will look at areas and ideas you'd like to talk about and decide which Conversation Spa experience will work best for you. 

If this is a unique and heartfelt gift (Keepsake Conversations), then we will also explore 'packaging' options that will be just right  for that special someone. 

Please complete and send the form below and we will get back to you.

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