What is the Conversation Spa?

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A place ...(or phone/ Skype) for 'real connection' 

If you can get here in person then that's the ideal - we all know that being in the same room brings an 'energy' that might not be quite the same when talking remotely. That said, not everyone who wants to come to The Conversation Spa lives down the road, so between us we work out the best ways to ensure that your Conversation Spa experience leaves you revitalised and inspired.      

Where the true importance of conversation itself is honoured

And we can experience how sharing - talking, hearing ourselves and really feeling heard, can be a vital source of our well-being, our happiness and how we flourish in life.    

It's making time to Celebrate, Connect and Create

What makes the Conversation Spa different from talking deeply to friends or having therapy or counselling is that it's about you intentionally stepping back to appreciate the expanse of your experiences, memories and feelings.  Perhaps even make them into a unique gift for someone you care about.  Including yourself !


"We've lost our weekends, our Sundays, our nights off,

our holy days. Our bosses, our junk mailers and our parents can find us wherever we are at any time of day or night.  

More and more of us feel like emergency room physicians permanently on call, required to heal ourselves but unable to find the prescription for all the clutter on our desks"   

Alan de Botton

Each of us wants to feel that our life matters and to know that we are valued.  

The Conversation Spa gives us chance to do something about that.

For instance, our 'Time Capsule' conversations have included a single dad wanting to make a gift for the child he doesn't get to see much, a relative capturing stories for family members living far away, there's the birth story told by the mother of her precious daughter coming home and the heartwarming meeting with her 3 year old brother, and another sharing words and moments for his grandchild who will one day listen to them to remember him.  Many of our  guests have come to the Conversation Spa to share themselves and their stories and thoughts that go beyond their defining role as mother, father, grandparent or whatever, wanting to create a legacy that might otherwise never be known. 

We all have close friends we don't get to see as often as we'd like, or those who are special to us yet we've never found the right time or way to tell them so.  It's not always easy or comfortable to find the words, or say them to someone.  

Many of us will never know the ways we have had a positive influence on someone else's life; how wonderful to be able to tell those who’ve been a mentor, inspiration or touched us in some important ways, how we feel and what they have done for us in the form of a spoken gift they can treasure forever. 


Real conversation, truly spoken and heard, can nourish and enhance our 'being-well'.  (Some great words if you need any  convincing)