What to expect

When you arrive you will be welcomed by a friendly Facilitator who really wants to hear what you have to say, and will put you at ease making sure you're comfortable and relaxed.   Equipped with open ears and mind the Facilitator will gently encourage you with questions and prompts to engage you and ensure you can readily unfold the story you wish to tell.

Conversations that move ...

Good conversations often move us of course, but sometimes the simple, natural and rhythmic act of walking, being out and about in the fresh air can be a good way to find (and lose) yourself in the effortless flow of things you want to say.  We can set this up if this is something that you'd prefer for one or two of your Conversation Spa sessions. 

After each session you will receive:

  • A digital voice recording of the conversation

  • A link to the 'members only' section of our website so you can connect and share with others if you wish

  • For Transformation Conversations, guests will receive a copy of their own ‘Inside -out map’ for navigating onwards travels.  

BY THE WAY - If you can't make it in person, we are making 'Skype' sessions available soon.

Gifts of Conversation

Keepsake conversations can be packaged in ways that reflect how special and heartfelt they are.   Each 'Time Capsule' conversation is unique gift that has been carefully chosen and created, not just purchased.  

Customised gifts and keepsakes can be commissioned through The Conversation Spa:

  • Use of special boxes, books, cards, scrolls, precious fabrics, objects and personal items that hold special meaning. 

  • Written transcripts of the conversation used to create letters, collages,books, cards
  • 'Voice Albums' .. like a photo album but with 'pockets' for stories voiced by those who lived and remember them.  
  • Engagement, Anniversary, birth 'charms' or items of jewellery beautifully wrapped with the Conversation Spa recording.