Illustration and Artwork by Jean-Pierre Weill

We are 'wired' for Story

Not the ‘Once Upon a Time’ make-believe kind of stories, but the ones that connect us to and tell of the unique ways we experience and understand the world and our place in it.  

Through stories all around we discover our 'heroes', role models and those whose fates might help us to see what might happen if we follow a similar path. 

Great thinkers from art, history, anthropology and the sciences have arrived at the same realisation about the importance of story in our lives:

There is something deeply built into us that needs story itself. That story is a source of nurture [and I am convinced] that we cannot become really true human beings for ourselves and for each other without story.
— (Vincent Harding – Afro American Historian)

 Stories in the air - we breath them in and out

We live in the milieu of Story with little thought of how elemental - how vital it is in our lives:  

  • INHERITED STORIES act like a filter through which we interpret the world and see ourselves,whether we are conscious of it or not.  
  • Other stories we live by come from EXCEPTIONAL MOMENTS AND EVENTS in our lives, including those we might not be aware of but still influence the way we see things.  
  • Then there are stories we absorb from everywhere in our MEDIA RICH LIVES; from picture perfect celebrity and lifestyle images to advertising ideas and ‘news’ stories, these proliferating guises give us ever more to reach for (people to be like and hurdles to jump through), 'out there'.

Our stories can accumulate as 'facts' about the world 'out there', shaping our sense of who we are or might be in the world, and our beliefs about whether we will ever achieve our goals.   Some of our stories are helpful and serve us well. Others can undermine our sense of worth.  

So many competing stories, so much to go for 


Weird how, with so many things to do, be, have and to reach for, all that striving can hinder our chances of ever getting 'there'.  Paradoxically also stymie our ability to be 'here' - the only place where we can really make a difference to anything.


Share, uncover, recover the stories that matter to you

The Conversation Spa is the perfect place to revisit and share your stories, capturing the meaning and magic they hold for you and yours.  It is also a place to check your story scripts and sources, and re-write as necessary - we are our own storytellers after all:

 "It's a story - I can change my story"          (Louise).  

The very awareness of this can provide an opening into a transformed world .